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Adobe ActionScript ® 3.0 is a sophisticated programming language that is totally integrated into Flash CS4 to develop rich interactive projects. The ActionScript.
ActionScript 3.0 comprises both the core ActionScript language and the Adobe Flash Player Application Programming Interface (API). The core language is the.
ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language originally developed by Macromedia ActionScript 3 is also used with Adobe AIR system for the development of desktop and mobile applications. The language itself is open- source in  Stable release ‎: ‎3.0 / June 27, 2006.
Today, ActionScript is suitable for mobile development through Adobe AIRadobe actionscript, use in some database applications, and in basic robotics, as with the Make Controller Kit. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. More experienced programmers may want to pick and choose among topics. Build your own apps, port existing projects, and learn the best practices for targeting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using Flash Professional. Flash Code Library SWC.

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You will find a link in the last few pages of your eBook that directs you to the media files. Click the "Show Packages and Classes List" link to show the Packages and Classes panels, if they are not already showing. Some data types can be assigned values with literals : A reference in ActionScript is a pointer to an instance of a class. If you are new to object-oriented programming OOP , work through these articles in sequence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After reading this chapter, you should have.