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"We are unable to activate [product name]. Product activation is required to use this product " "Please connect to the Internet and retry." "Either.
Find answers to common issues when activating or deactivating Adobe apps. Activation, or sign in, connects an app to a valid user license.
you need to complete an offline activation within 7 days of the first launch of the software otherwise it will stop working. You need an internet enabled device and. How To Install & Activate Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0

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Follow us on Twitter. If you are unable to locate the file, it means that the hosts file is hidden. A single-user retail license activation supports two computers. See Sign out from account page. I'm still having trouble. If you have a stand-alone, non-subscription version of Acrobat DC, simply sign out of Acrobat to deactivate it. If you cannot access the previous computer on which you installed the app—whether it was stolen, was lost, crashed, or locked—you need to contact us by chat or phone.

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Was this page helpful? Activation and deactivation troubleshooting. Running into a problem or need to activate offline? If you need help with these products, visit the following sites: The product gets activated once you launch it for the first time after entering the serial number. Post questions and get answers from experts. adobe activation What error messages do you receive? I'm looking for plug-ins or templates, adobe activation. For information on using a redemption code, see Redemption code help. Access these additional files through your original media—they work fine with the software you downloaded. A single license for Adobe software lets you install an application on two computers—for example, at home and in the office.