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Edge Code is dead. Adobe has stopped dev on it and recommends to switch to brackets. Adobe edge code and brackets are both maintained by.
Adobe previously introduced a preview of Edge Code as a distribution of the Brackets project, delivering the core code editing capabilities.
We created the open source project Brackets because we wanted to build an awesome lightweight code editor for the developer community.

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Adobe edge code This feature opens up adobe edge code lot of creative layout options because it lets designers break free from creating within the constraints of the block — the current rectangular shape of almost everything on the web. Become a Print Production Professional. CSS Shapes can be defined with all sorts of CSS units, such as pixels, ems, rems and even percentages premiere pro free responsive shapes. Enabling The Brackets Extension Registry in Edge Code. You need to manually enable the feature before you can use the visual editor for shapes.
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As indicated by the notification that comes up when you log in, you are able to link a project folder with any of your PhoneGap Build projects. Let us know what you think by clicking the feedback button in Edge Code. All actions in the shape editor reflect back to the code editor. Feel free to use this for feature requests, issues you encounter, or just general thoughts on the product. We encourage you to download Brackets. Get a real-time connection to your browser. Adobe Edge tutorial - HTML editing adobe edge code