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Read about the latest features of Adobe Fuse CC (Preview).
Adobe Fuse an impressive little program that provides a fun way to develop unique human characters to add to your designs in Photoshop.
In this Adobe Fuse CC 2015 tutorial video, learn how to create custom 3D character models in the new Adobe. adobe fuse Adobe Fuse CC to Unity UFPS The fact that it is a "preview" feature means that it might go away at any time, so now is the time to grab it while it is still available! Plans for teams of all sizes. Flash p you've chosen a head, the program will automatically offer up a library of torsos to mount the head on. This should be the default, adobe fuse. Start creating a whole world of characters.

Adobe fuse - weekly battles

Switch to the Customize workspace and move your mouse over the body of your character. If you thought putting an outfit together in real life was a challenge, wait until you start trying to pair a set of bottoms and footwear with the top of your character. And of course right there is a huge perk the Fuse workflow offers over the existing Poser workflow. Please tell us what you think about this tutorial. Switch to the Clothing workspace.