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The Site Licensing Office is maintaining a volume license for Adobe Creative Cloud VIP Perpetual licenses do not expire; however, Adobe is no longer offering.
Adobe said the Creative Cloud adoption went faster than it expected and so decided to scrap the perpetual licenses. That means it avoids the.
I just head that Adobe was planning to abandon its perpetual license in favor of an on line only rental program. At first I thought that this must beĀ  How to upgrade perpetual licence Lightroom 6.0. Adobe creative cloud

Adobe perpetual license - with

The emperor has no clothes. Apple launches red iPhone, cheaper iPad and Clips video editing app. If you use a computer with no disc drive, I think you can download the trial version of Lightroom from and enter your serial number into it from the box you bought, and that should turn the trial version into a regular working version. Should last quite a while. And if one can use it in future. All the apps still had version numbers i.