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Not thinking it mattered, I selected “ Adobe RGB However, a few days later I suddenly realized that the images looked different in a.
sRGB vs. Adobe RGB? Does color space confuse you? Maria answers 8 common color space questions that will help you decide which color space to use.
When shooting in AdobeRGB, you're able to convert it to sRGB at any time, without any loss of color in your images. However, this is a one way. adobe rgb Photoshop Working Color Spaces Prophoto sRGB Adobe RGB 1998

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It is not really essential to have. If you use a tandem of Lightroom and Photoshop, Adobe makes this conversion process painless for you. What are the consequences? So, just shoot sRGB in-camera, and worry about the color profile later in post-production. Since not many applications at the time had any ICC color management, most operating systems did not ship with useful profiles. And where does the Spyder profile come into play?

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This means there are more colors and they tend to be more vibrant. If you shoot raw, your photo will be in Adobe RGB not matter what color space you chose. Adobe RGB may be able to represent a slightly larger range of colors, but no screen or print material I've used can show this broader range, so why cause yourself all the trouble? Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Lightroom has a tendency to edit your photos upon importing them. In other words, sRGB can represent the same number of colors as Adobe RGB, but the range of colors that it represents is narrower. As I explained earlier, Adobe RGB represents a wider range of possible colors using the same amount of information as sRGB by making the colors more spaced out. For more than ten years I thus tried to study the practical application, adobe rgb. They are designed for consumers. Technically, yes — not because of anything in the previous paragraph, but because I make money from my photographic pursuits. Worse, if you're the sort of vacuum-operating geek who wants to shoot Adobe RGB because you read about it in a magazine adobe rgb, did you realize that because the colors are compressed into a smaller range that there is more chroma quantization noise when the file is opened again? Let's see what I'm talking about. For more experienced users, we'll also see a few points that enable to optimize your choice.