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In this article, freelance designer Ivana Milicic walks us through a comprehensive wireframe process using Adobe CC tools. InDesign and Illustrator aren't just for.
Easily create wireframes, layouts, or mockups with the Adobe Comp CC mobile app. And use grids, guides, and masking tools to get the control you need.
A wireframing and mock up tool with a high focus on usability. Quickly come up with mock ups and easily share them with clients. adobe wireframe tools

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I like to use different tools. I agree Adobe XD is not there yet but it does work nicely on putting together simple interactions and LowFi prototypes. The seamless workflow lets you drop a photo in a layout, edit it in Photoshop Mix or Photoshop Fix, and see the updated results instantly on your mobile device or desktop. Way to be petty and creepy at the same time. The types of documents InDesign produces are intended to be used with the Adobe Publishing Suite and EPUB — two formats with different but related limitations.
Life's too short for bad software! Mockflow allows you to create working prototypes, and like Protoshare has an emphasis on collaboration and sharing. View more job openings…. Common presets, such as bounce, slide in and fade income bundled with InDesign, but you can create your own presets, save them and share them with others using InDesign or Flash. For example, you can create one Library for websites wireframing, other for iOS application, third for Android applications and so on. And the newer CSS properties in FW are adobe wireframe tools too. As well as creating mock-ups, Axure allows you to add functionality to your layout and create an interactive prototype.

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We gotta keep those servers running though.. If you are exporting as PDF, interactivity is limited but you can at least make links between screens work. Instead of merely following the prior art, the team asked itself if there was a better answer—what if they could make almost everything automatic? This is an extremely useful feature that is not widely known but can save countless hours. The advantage is that these documents can be accessed by a team from a shared location, and when the source files are updated, every document that contains the embedded InDesign files will also get updated.