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Fireworks was the best software i dealt with for webgraphics, and as of 2013 it won't be updated anymore, what is the alternative software that.
Babar Suleman shows us the versatility of the Adobe Fireworks design software in this design tutorial.
Adobe Fireworks CS5 software enables you to create expressive, highly optimized graphics for the Web or virtually any device--from. Sophisticated Programming Allows You To Resize Your Images For Free. You can quickly create graphics like buttons and banners within Fireworks and fireworks adobe them into Dreamweaver. So, if you used to love working with a canvas, fireworks adobe, you can set an artboard to whatever size you like. They were designed for different purposes at their core. You can modify any vector object any way you like by using the object control handles. Goodbye fireworks, it was great working with you. Great to work in Firewoks a great Image editing softwar to work. fireworks adobe
How To Design a Website in Adobe Fireworks CS6 - Infinitevizionz