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You can create dynamic links between After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. You can create new After Effects compositions, and dynamically link to them from Adobe Premiere Pro. You can replace selected clips in Adobe Premiere Pro with a dynamically linked After Effects composition.
I have finally found a way to deal with a problem that many people have seeked answers to! Be sure to.
Dynamic Link not Working in CC- No Clip - Creative COW's user support and To download the older version: open the CC access app (or whatever they call  Dynamic Link: Media Encoder > After Effects: Adobe Media. Dynamic Link for the Premiere Pro Workflow dynamic link download

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How do you install the plugin? Once the composition is open in After Effects, you can change the composition without having to use the Edit Original command again. When I put in an ATI card OPEN CL , it works fine. Thank you in advance! Actions you perform on the source composition require additional processing time depending on the complexity. Go to original post.